How Does Marijuana Affect Teens

Marijuana is a drug that has found significant popularity amongst the young in today’s society, yet its effects are such that they may be particularly affected by it. Teenagers’ sphere of living generally revolves around school and social events, and both these worlds can be affected, for better or worse, by the use or marijuana.

During actual use of the drug, and for a time after, marijuana affects memory and perception. Many find that their thinking becomes muddled and incoherent, and their perceptions of space and time can become very distorted. Imagine trying to complete a test after a dose of marijuana, where you could be working to a time limit and trying to remember the facts you require to answer the questions. The drug could leave one feeling that only a few minutes has passed by, when the entire time allocated to the test may be up, or could lead to problems remembering previous lessons. This is used with best vaporizers.

Not only academic subjects need be affected in this manner. With timing and coordination distorted by the drug, sports can become difficult or even dangerous for someone high on marijuana, as their altered perceptions may leave them …

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Whip – the combination of the hose/tube, stem and wand components involved with direct inhalation vaporization. Whip can also refer to just the hose & mouthpiece (without the Wand)

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Mouthpiece – the end of the hose you …