NO2 Vaporizer VS Iolite VaporizerNO2 Vaporizer VS Iolite Vaporizer

First of all, both the iolite Vaporizer and NO2 Vaporizer are good, well-reviewed, and well-recommended vaporizers. You are unlikely to be disappointed by either vaporizer. This is especially true if you’re interested in portable vaporizers, is one of the best vape for weed. You can chose this from best online vape store.

However, there are differences between these two vaporizers. They are heated differently. The iolite Vaporizer uses butane fuel as a heat source, whereas the NO2 uses a rechargeable battery or wall cord. The advantages to using butane is that you don’t need to deal with cords or being required to recharge the vaporizer before using it. The heat up time on the iolite is also faster than the NO2 due to using butane. The downside is that unfortunately butane can affect the taste of the vapor and required occasional butane refills. The NO2 Vaporizer includes a rechargeable battery, which lasts about an hour and a half on a full charge.

NO2 Vaporizer VS Iolite Vaporizer2Another big difference between the iolite and NO2 is that the NO2 includes a digital LED display. This allows the user to set a specific temperature, which allows control over temperature (i.e. you can use a …