Vapir NO2

Should I get the Vapir NO2 Vaporizer? We’ll help you answer these questions and more right here, right now. So first of all, what is the Vapir NO2?

This is the Vapir NO2. The new portable vaporizer from Vapir Vaporizers was released in mid-2010. The Vapir NO2 features a rechargeable battery, which allows you to enjoy the benefits of vaporization without having to worry about where you will plug your vaporizer in. With a charged Vapir NO2, you can freely enjoy a vapor session wherever and whenever you want.
Vapir NO2 product details:
Current price: $179.99 (click here to see the most updated price)
What’s included? You will receive a NO2 Vaporizer, internal battery (which is rechargeable), 3 pack of screens, tube attachment, mouthpiece, stir sticks (2 pack), measuring cup, and a cleaning brush
How does it work? You plug it in, charge it, put in your choice of herb, turn it on, heat it up, and inhale vapor
3rd place for new products at the Cannabis Cup held in Amsterdam in 2010
What does Vapir think of their new vaporizer? They posted this on their blog: “We designed and created this unit from the ground up with the …

Arizer Extreme Q

A good herbal vaporizer should be determined by value, not simply cost. And it doesn’t always have to cost a ton of money. For example, there’s the Arizer vaporizer that can give you more bang for your buck and still safely deliver the benefits of your vape herbs.
We’ve found there are many herbal vaporizers on the market that do not equate value to cost – we’ve overpaid for some seriously crappy devices, and been pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of lower cost items – however, for serious vaporizing – as in, daily use – the vaporizer industry does seem to have the “you get what you pay for” mentality, offering product quality assurances and warranties in place of just good vapor quality. Some of the cheaper vaporizers require extra maintenance to ensure that they are running at top performance. If you purchase wisely you won’t have to worry about device flaws, or broken parts and you can just enjoy the benefits of using a vaporizer.

The highly popular Volcano vaporizers are the best convection vaporizers currently available, but unfortunately they are out of most users price ranges. The conclusion that most vaporizer users seem to keep coming to …

Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano vaporizer is a forced air system that uses a bag (balloon) only delivery. The unit has no whip or tube for direct inhalation. The Volcano’s design makes it a ‘tower-style’ table top plug-in unit. Table top plug-in units deliver better quality vapor than portable vaporizers, overall, and are superior for regular use. And, if you want to save money, buy a Vapor Genie. If you want to save your lungs, consider the Volcano. The Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel has the exclusive privilege of being the only vaporizer on the market to ever be used in a clinical trial. The Volcano Vaporizer was tested as a viable delivery method for medical cannabis versus smoking. The results proved that just as much of the active cannabinoids were released into the bloodstream with fewer by-products, and in most cases, stayed in the system longer using the Volcano. So, we can prove that the Volcano vaporizer can deliver effectively, but is it worth the cost?

What is vaporization?

Vaporizer Volcano

Vaporization operates on the principle of heating the herbal content to a point below combustion. The Volcano vaporizes the volatile essentials (oils) to their boiling point (which varies depending on …

Volcano Vaporizer review

As a long time each day smoker I have frequently wondered about the unenthusiastic effects of smoking marijuana on the lungs. I appreciate that marijuana does not include many of the damaging ingredients that cigarettes do, however I only have to seem to my resonated pipe to know that inhaling blazing plant substance just can’t be too fine for you. I’ve known about different ways of ingesting marijuana from smoking to eating and more lately I’ve been reading about the profit vaporizing marijuana.

Smoking marijuana frequently produce a cough from the added inexpert to the very skilled smokers for an attractive superior reason. Sizzling marijuana smoke can be moderately harsh on the throat and lungs produce the coughing retort and the crimson eyes from popping petite blood vessels through that coughing reaction. Burning marijuana also produces a very different odor that few would gaffe for anything else so; it’s hard to conceal use if in a limited space. The lack of cancer causing agents in the smoke does not detract from the quantity of tars that are created by blazing the plant substance and finally inhaling these tars. The best for smoke marijuana way is to buy vaporizer.…