Best Cheap Budget Vaporizer

A good herbal vaporizer should be determined by value, not simply cost. And it doesn’t always have to cost a ton of money. For example, there’s the Arizer vaporizer that can give you more bang for your buck and still safely deliver the benefits of your vape herbs.
We’ve found there are many herbal vaporizers on the market that do not equate value to cost – we’ve overpaid for some seriously crappy devices, and been pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of lower cost items – however, for serious vaporizing – as in, daily use – the vaporizer industry does seem to have the “you get what you pay for” mentality, offering product quality assurances and warranties in place of just good vapor quality. Some of the cheaper vaporizers require extra maintenance to ensure that they are running at top performance. If you purchase wisely you won’t have to worry about device flaws, or broken parts and you can just enjoy the benefits of using a vaporizer.

The highly popular Volcano vaporizers are the best convection vaporizers currently available, but unfortunately they are out of most users price ranges. The conclusion that most vaporizer users seem to keep coming to is that the Extreme Q is the “Budget Volcano,” providing the best cheap budget vaporizer on the market.

You may be wondering, what are some of the trade-offs to buying a cheaper vaporizer as opposed to something more expensive like the Volcano? In short, the Extreme Q is not the workhorse convection system that the Volcano is – but, the Volcano does only one thing, and does it well. The Extreme Q offers users a variety of features and user preferences that make it a good value overall.

If you shop around on certain holidays like black Friday, 4/20, or even Thanksgiving and Christmas sales, a lot of companies will have decent mark-downs on most of their stock and that will give you a great chance to get a more high-end vaporizer at a cheap budget price. Since we’re talking about the Arizer Extreme Q, you can often find it for under $200. Part of what makes it such a great bargain and a cheap budget vaporizer is because you get a bunch of valuable accessories along with your order including everything you need to take advantage of its dual use functions as a whip and bag style vaporizer.

One of our favorite things about the Arizer Extreme Q is that it’s designed with quality for the long-term user. If you need a versatile unit that can do multiple things, the Extreme Q is considered the best cheap budget vaporizer available.