Box Vaporizers

Plug-in vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes, not all as expensive as the Volcano…not all as highly rated as the Volcano Vaporizer Review, either. Some offer funky graphics options, some have built in light shows, some even come with a remote control. is here to help you navigate the man styles of vaporizer to get the best value for your needs and for your money.

One of the main types of Plug-In vaporizers is the Box vaporizer. There are two primary varieties of box vaporizers, though both have very similar characteristics and applications.

Box vaporizers offer the convenience of using a dedicated direct inhalation method, best for individual use. Box best vaporizers are usually whip only and do not offer a forced air/balloon option.

Whip – the combination of the hose/tube, stem and wand components involved with direct inhalation vaporization. Whip can also refer to just the hose & mouthpiece (without the Wand)

Wand – also called the Stem. The wand is the piece of the whip that connects to the heating element, where the herb chamber is located. Often made of glass or ceramic, sometimes customizable for aesthetic appeal.

Mouthpiece – the end of the hose you suck on. The mouthpiece is usually a separate, modular piece that can be removed or replaced.

Because they do not offer forced air/balloon delivery, box vaporizers are less expensive and just about every smoke shop carries some variety of box vaporizer. Very few box vaporizers are digital. Most box vapes come with an analog dial that involves a bit of a learning curve to determine your favorite settings. The box vapes with digital displays cost significantly more though the benefit of the extra temperature control is worth it, in our opinion.

Mind you, the temperature accuracy on many box vaporizers is misleading. The direct inhalation causes a spike in air pressure/air flow over the heating element, and leads to a temperature variation that can be anywhere from 20 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This can lead to combustion, and defeat the entire purpose of plunking down coin on a smoke-free best portable vaporizer for weed.

NOTE: For the best results from a box vaporizer, take longer, slower, even pulls through the whip instead of sharp, deep inhales. This helps to regulate the temperature, and will give you some consistency when using box vapes.

Vapor Brothers and Easy Vape are examples of one style of box vaporizer; Hot Box offers another variety of box vaporizer. Both have a full complement of knock-offs from China – be warned that the money you save from buying a knock off of these styles will result in equal parts frustration and heartache. Full reviews of each box style vaporizer to follow – stay tuned.