NO2 Vaporizer VS Iolite Vaporizer

The Iolite Portable Vaporizer was introduced in 2008 by Oglesby & Butler. Less than 2 years later, the NO2 Portable Vaporizer was announced by Vapir.
First of all, I am not an expert on the Iolite Vaporizer. I don’t even own the Iolite. However, since friends have asked me which vaporizer I would recommend, I am still going to attempt a basic comparison:
Benefits of the Iolite Vaporizer
Small – Smaller than the NO2
Impressive 40 second heat up time
Holds a charge for 2 hours
Uses a flameless gas catalytic heater
Holds a temperature of 374° F / 190° C (accurate within 5° F)
Powered by butane
Refillable with additional butane
Choice of color – Black, Blue, Orange, etc.
Benefits of the NO2 Vaporizer
Internal rechargeable battery
Digital temperature display (accurate within 2°-5°)
Temperature memory
Battery charge level indicator
Auto shut off after 20 minutes – Saves battery life
Stainless steel encased pure brass heating element
Less than 2 minute heat up time
Small (larger than the Iolite)
Less expensive than the Iolite – Saves money
Verdict – Which Vaporizer?
Like I already mentioned, I don’t own the Iolite Vaporizer. Clearly, the Iolite and NO2 are both good portable vaporizers. Many reviews confirm this. That said, if a friend asked me today which vaporizer I would recommend, I would recommend the NO2 over the Iolite.
Here are my reasons for picking the NO2:
The Iolite requires butane refills. With the NO2, you only need to plug it into a wall to charge it or use it.

Butane can affect the taste of the vapor.
I am a fan of the LED digital temperature display on the NO2. I like having choice over the temperature. It is also nice to know when the vaporizer is heated up and ready to go.
Do you own both the Iolite Vaporizer and the NO2 Vaporizer? Do you have an opinion on this topic? Please use the Contact Page and share your experiences.