Pay it Forward: Free a Fellow Smoker!

I have been vaping for a little over a year now, and loving every second of it. I try to tell any smoker I know about the joys of vaping, most are curious, but rarely take more than a passing interest.

One smoker in particular is a coworker of mine. He has been smoking for over 30 years, and it shows. He is a good guy but it is obvious the effects that smoking has had on him, the coughing, wheezing and raspy voice, he was always complaining how he needed to quit.

So last Friday I stopped by my local vape shop to pick up some coils, and I saw a nice little starter kit for only $25. I figured “what the hell”, so I snagged it and a 20ml bottle of e-juice, I was out the door for 37$.

The following Monday morning I presented it to Terry, and he was interested but didn’t seem too excited. I showed him how to fill it and assembled the unit for him (I charged it the night before). I told him it was my old PV with a new clearomizer, didn’t want him to feel he owed me anything.

So he looked it over and put it in his shirt pocket next to his pack of smokes, thanked me and went back to work. At first I wondered if he was going to even try it, and thought of giving him a push but decided against it, it’s never good to pressure a mechanic!

About two hours later, after the morning coffee break, he called out to me from across the shop, “Ben, hey Ben!” I looked over to see him waving the eGo in air. “This is a hell of a thing here!” I walked over and he told me all about his very first vaping session. I gave him some pointers and watched him happily puff away.

Throughout the day he repeatedly would come over and talk about how great it was, and how he hadn’t wanted a real smoke since his first vape. By the end of the day he was dead set on never smoking a real cigarette again!

Terry is an old fashioned guy, he doesn’t have an internet connection so ordering online isn’t possible. He is also pretty frugal so going out of his way to spend what little free money he has almost never happens. Although he had expressed interest in e cigarettes in the past I doubt he would have ever gone and tried one. I know there are a lot of people out there who are similar to him.

I am pretty sure most of you know someone like that too. So the next time you think of a smoking friend, instead of thinking on how to convince them, just do a random act of kindness and give the gift of vaping to them for free. You could very well save their life!