What is the Volcano Vaporizer?

The Volcano vaporizer is a forced air system that uses a bag (balloon) only delivery. The unit has no whip or tube for direct inhalation. The Volcano’s design makes it a ‘tower-style’ table top plug-in unit. Table top plug-in units deliver better quality vapor than portable vaporizers, overall, and are superior for regular use. And, if you want to save money, buy a Vapor Genie. If you want to save your lungs, consider the Volcano. The Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel has the exclusive privilege of being the only vaporizer on the market to ever be used in a clinical trial. The Volcano Vaporizer was tested as a viable delivery method for medical cannabis versus smoking. The results proved that just as much of the active cannabinoids were released into the bloodstream with fewer by-products, and in most cases, stayed in the system longer using the Volcano. So, we can prove that the Volcano vaporizer can deliver effectively, but is it worth the cost?

What is vaporization?

Vaporizer Volcano

Vaporization operates on the principle of heating the herbal content to a point below combustion. The Volcano vaporizes the volatile essentials (oils) to their boiling point (which varies depending on the herbal content – usually between 300 – 400 degrees F) and releases a vapor similar to steam, but denser. This vapor contains high percentages of the active compounds and when inhaled, reaches your bloodstream faster by going through the lungs. Because the Volcano doesn’t combust the herbal content, you don’t have the smoke released that can contribute to cancer. When you vaporize, you feel the effects more rapidly, usually between 1 – 5 minutes, similar to smoking but without the harmful carcinogens. Even better, the vapor is cooler and less harsh on the throat, making it easier and gentler to inhale. Inhaling vapor is cleaner and safer than smoking, and just as effective.

The aroma, or flavor, of vapor is much greater than in smoke. The Volcano produces clean, dense vapor that you can taste, for a more pleasant experience. Smoking degrades the herbal content and much of the aroma is lost at the higher temperatures (up to 1200 degrees F) involved in combustion. The Volcano vaporizer is so effective at releasing the aromas of various herbs that it has been used in cooking, dieting/appetite suppression and other novel applications. When you combine the Volcano’s ability to apply heat without burning the herbal content and the effectiveness of the vapor, you get a more efficient method of delivery. Vaporization has a higher yield than smoking because you can extract/vaporize more of the active compounds from the herbal content over time. The Volcano’s design maximizes the heat applied to the greatest surface area of the herbal content, when ground up sufficiently, to produce and capture the greatest amount of active compounds in the vapor.


The Volcano only delivers via a bag or balloon, inflated by the forced air blower. It does not allow for multiple deliver methods like other tower style vaporizers, such as the Extreme Q by Arizer, which offers bag, whip and aromatherapy diffusion. But, the Volcano delivers better temperature control and accuracy, and can deliver better vapor quality – when used properly. Other prominent vaporizer manufacturers operate on similar heating systems, but do not maintain temperature stability. Of the many vapor reviews, most are user opinions. There are few that offer credible, defensible data that illustrate the Volcano as the best vaporizer available on the market today.

Other table top vaporizers offer whip only delivery for direct inhalation.. While the whip only methods such as Vapor Brothers box-style vaporizers, or direct inhalation such as in the Vapir NO2 are arguably more convenient delivery systems, it can lead to ineffective vaporization. Direct inhalation causes irregular airflow over the heating element and inconsistent air pressure which increases the temperature over the herbal content. This can lead to overheating outside the range of temps recommended for effective vaporization, and can even combust the herbal content is some cases.

The Volcano offers the best available consistency on the market. The Volcano works as well or better than smoking. The Volcano releases more aroma and more flavor. The Volcano makes your herbal content last longer. And, it comes in two styles: The Volcano Classic and the Volcano Digit. The Volcano Classic is less expensive and is controlled by an analog dial, and retails for $539. The Volcano Digit is the upgraded version with a segmented digital display for set and actual temperature, and retails from $669. Available Volcano vaporizer accessories include the Easy or Solid Valve systems for use with either model.