Why a Vaporizer?

Buying an herbal vaporizer is still much like buying smoking accessories. Getting something to inhale weed once meant a trip to a dimly lit, incense filled, “head shop.” Today of course, we have the Internet, but in a lot of ways not much has really changed. The retail shops look surprisingly familiar. Exotic bongs and tie-dyed ceramic pipes are available by the thousands and are much cheaper than vaporizers. And rolling papers are sold at every corner store nowadays. All of which are much, much, much cheaper than the Volcano Digit or Classic. So, why a vaporizer?

Today, millions of people around the world are being treated with medical marijuana. And the best way to use it, is with best weed vaporizer. This isn’t incense or tie-dye territory; this is about scientifically defensible medicinal benefits, and amounts to a $2 billion a year industry. Many of these patients don’t smoke and want alternatives to smoking (because it really doesn’t matter what you smoke, smoking is bad for you, hence Smoke-Free Weed). Edibles are difficult to manage in terms of dosage and can take 1 – 2 hours to have any effect. Pills have proven a dismal failure, either because the isolation or synthesizing the active cannabis ingredients made people sick or paranoid, and it still travels through the digestive system, so count on at least 45 – 60 minutes to take effect.

Enter the vaporizer.
Rather than burning the herb, the contents of a chamber are warmed with heated air. The heated air process is called volatilization causing the active substances to be released into a vapor cloud.

Volatilization: The conversion of a chemical substance from a liquid or solid state to a gaseous or vapor state by the application of heat, by reducing pressure, or by a combination of these processes. Also known as vaporization. (Thanks, McGraw-Hill and thermodynamics)

Volatilization normally occurs at lower temperatures than combustion, which means lower vapor temperatures. More importantly, the toxic by-products such as tar and carbon monoxide are left behind. So you have a gentler and more practical, medicinal approach to dosage. An added benefits include that the vapor is more flavorful, too.

A clean, pure, cloud of vapor is produced, instead of a cloud of dense, burnt smoke, which is then captured in a plastic bag. It is a cleaner method of delivery and also more efficient. The vapor is absorbed through the lungs, traveling through the respiratory system, yielding instant results. So, now you know why a Vaporizer, so the next logical question should be – which vaporizer?

Herbal vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes, from small battery powered, portable vaporizers to exotics, looking like something designed by NASA. I learned something along time ago, quality speaks for itself. The difference between a Mercedes and a Hyundai is in the materials used to build them. The difference between a Fender Stratocaster and a Silver tone guitar is in the workmanship.

If you’re in the market for a vaporizer, there are many to choose from but there is only one, which is the industry standard, one by which all others are judged – The Volcano Vaporizer, manufactured by Storz & Bickel of Germany, is made from heavy duty components. It is available in two models, the Volcano Digital and the Volcano Classic.

Solid design and construction allows the company to back their products with a full three year warranty. The Volcano Digital allows for precise temperature settings, once the bag is filled, it’s detached from the unit so there is no contact with glass or heat. The patented “Easy Valve” mouthpiece is made from surgical grade plastic, as is, the standard solid valve mouthpiece. The duration for how long the contents of the bag can be stored is up for debate, but SFW.com has left a bag filled for at least 45 mins with little or no deterioration in vapor quality. Having a balloon of vapor available helps eliminate the need for endless and repetitious dosing.

The Volcano Digital has a large LED readout in either Fahrenheit or Celsius with an automatic shut off switch included. The Volcano Classic has analog controls only slightly less accurate than the Volcano Digital, at plus or minus 5 degrees Celsius. The Volcano Digital and The Volcano Classic aren’t the cheapest Vaporizers, but they are the best Vaporizers, because quality speaks for itself.