Day 75 – Ordered a New E-Cig – Great Advice for Newbies

Since writing this I have changed my opinion somewhat. In this post I said that the Sky Cig became quite annoying to me because of the frequency of having to charge the batteries, and also that the batteries died and needed replacing relatively often.

Since then I’ve come to 2 conclusions.

Firstly having an electronic cigarette that looks, feels, and smokes as near as possible to a real cigarette is hugely important, and the Sky Cig is one of the only e-cigs available that meets this imperative requirement.

Secondly having investigated the battery technology it is not a fault of the Sky Cig batteries, but rather a characteristic of the only available battery technology that can do the job.

So what I do now is to use the Sky Cig (or e-lites e-cig since it’s also very realistic) most of the time, and switch to the Riva if the batteries are flat, or if I want to have a good vape with more vapour than normal.

But on reflection having an electronic cigarette that is realistic is the MOST important thing.

I wanted to post this update because I think it is great advice for anyone new to vaping and who is considering ordering an e-cig. It is not a Sky Cig review, and I’m not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned, i.e. I don’t earn a penny from this, but the advice might save you several £10’s of pounds.

I like many other people initially ordered a SkyCig since they’re the most well known brand in the UK, and with a massive 75% off with the Sun newspapers Sky Cig discount code it seemed like a great deal.

However, while the Sky Cig offered a great introduction to e-cigs it isn’t long before they become a bit of a hassle.

For example, I had a problem with Sky Cig batteries (I had 3 fail in the space of a week, and after jumping through hoops with their customer service the ONE replacement battery they sent died within a couple of days), and obviously if your batteries die then you can’t use the e-cig, a problem that is made worse by a slow delivery system from Sky Cig when you do order replacements.

On top of that the cartomisers (the nicotine cartridges that produce the vapour) are extremely variable in terms of quality and how long they last. For example I opened a pack that I had left and started using one last night, and today it doesn’t work any more. Another problem with them is that they can very quickly start to taste of burnt plastic, and it seems highly unlikely that they are the equivalent of anywhere near 20 cigarettes – and they are VERY expensive.

Plus I find that often the cartomisers after a few puffs stop producing much vapour and so you get nothing close to a smoking sensation.

The final nail in the coffin for me with regards to the Sky Cig is how long a battery lasts after it’s charged before it needs charging again, you end up feeling like you’re forever swapping batteries backwards and forwards, and of course you have to remember to charge the charger too!

So after all of this what I’ve decided to do is to upgrade to a better electronic cigarette, and I’ve gone for the Riva 1100 starter kit from Vape Escape for £34.99 plus £1.99 P&P which is a great deal.

The reason I’ve chosen this particular model is that it has a far superior battery life to the sky cig, one charge should last for over 11 hours compared to what feels more like 11 minutes from the Sky Cig battery.

On top of that it will accept the Sky Cig cartomisers, so if you have a stock of those like I do you can use them up rather than wasting that money.

The starter kit also comes with blank (i.e. unfilled) cartomisers so you can fill them up with your own eliquid (you can buy that from Vape Escape too or many other suppliers), and this works out to be far cheaper than buying pre-filled ones.

The Riva also pushes more voltage through the cartomiser which creates more vapour giving you a much better experience.

So my advice to anyone thinking of getting their first e-cig is to go straight for something like the Riva 1100 for the better vaping experience, it’s a more reliable product, and the least hassle with regards to charging, etc – plus it’s actually cheaper than the full price of the Sky Cig which is pretty staggering when you consider it is in my opinion a far superior product.

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