Aspire ecig products

spire was founded in 2013, and has become one of the most reviewed products on the Internet. The quality of the Aspire range is so high it’s quickly become one of best-known vaping brands in the world, including the Aspire Nautilus.

"Manufactured in house by our own dedicated Aspire team in a dedicated factory by staff that have vast e-cigarette experience of over ten years.

With a factory that has high quality, and some of the best customer service with many of the worlds leading electronic cigarette companies. This structure helps us with product development, R & D and a quality control that helps us stay one step ahead.

With now over 25-patented products, we aim to develop one new product quarterly with allows us to then release 4 new products per year.

With advanced Skills of many of the world best senior technical experts both in China, and abroad, with rich experience within the industry, Aspire can assure your business stable delivery with high quality every time.

Our company motto is “Our Aim is to be Life Changing” which is something we at Aspire truly believe."

Part Of The Aspire Range :
Aspire Nautilus Tank Clearomizer
The Aspire Nautilus uses the newly designed Aspire BDC coil heads, supplied with a 5ml glass Pyrex tank and comes with an air flow control system that is adjustable with an adjustable ring that’s has 4 preset control holes, This make the Aspire Nautilis one of the best atomizes of 2014.

Popularity has grown among the vaping community dues to the excellent product quality and the ease of use. This take is one of the very best when it comes to the production of vapor and air control as this determines how much e-Liquid feeds into the coil head, Allowing each user to find their very own sweet spot and hitting the best available vape.

Due to the size and shape the Aspire Nautilus looks superb on a Mod or APV style unit.

Aspire Mini Nautilus Tank Clearomizer
With much of the same features Aspire also supply the Nautilus in the Mini, This is proving to be one of the best selling tanks on todays vaping market.

Although it has all the same quality, build and design aspects this Aspire Mini hold a 1.2ml of E Liquid. Using the same BDC coil technology and the Air Control system this small but powerful tank is a product that every vaper should not be without.

Again this small but sleek design allows this tank to look good on many of the smaller batteries such as the Vision Spinner 2 and the eGo C Twist ranges.

This tank is a must for any vapers kit.

Aspire CE5 Clearomizer
The new generation of Clearomizer produced with the original CE5 shape. The new feature of this CE5 has the dual heating elements which provides double the vapor/ Taking advantage of the new bottom fed coil design this ensures that you are always fed with the correct amount of juice providing just the right amount of vape for the user.

Supplied preloaded with a dual coil and a capacity that hold 1.8ml of e liquid this brand new design also allows you to use interchangeable 510 drip tips.

Seen as a beginner’s tank this small but hard-hitting tank is one of the most popular tanks ever produced for the world of vaping. A predecessor of The CE4 and CE4+ the CE5 is a tank that is here to stay due to its popular demand across the world.

Almost all of the Aspire range are rebuildable allowing you to change tanks, coils and to clean the tanks when changing from one e Liquid to another, This in turn help save money by not having to dispose of the whole Aspire tank just the coil.

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