Day 213 - VG E-Liquid

If you’ve read my PG vs VG page then you’ll know that some people can find the PG e-liquids too harsh for them, causing dry throats, dry airways, and other varying symptoms.

The alternative is to use VG or Vegetable Glycerin e-liquid, but alas it is difficult to find anyone who sells only VG liquid, rather than 100% PG or a PG/VG mix, most companies prefer to sell the PG based stuff because it traditionally gives off much more vapour.

Well the great news is that I’ve found a supplier who do 100% VG e-liquid only, they have a great range of flavours, and I’ve tried it and it is very good, giving off a good vapour and with strong flavours.

They are a well known company, Nucig, and you can see their range of VG e-liquids here * (you’ll need to scroll down the page a bit to get to the flavours).

They have all of the usual tobacco flavours to choose from, menthol, cigar flavours, and a lot of the fruit flavours that seem to be so popular.

Prices are competitive with other e-liquid suppliers, and they do bottle sizes up to 80ml, so almost 3 times the size you can get from anywhere else.

If you have been finding the PG liquids too strong for you, or have suffered from any side effects, then I highly recommend having a look at these 100% VG e-liquid flavours from Nucig.

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