Quit Smoking with Snuff

You have probably heard of snuff before, and depending on how old you are (or how old your relatives are) you might even know people who do or used to take it, but what exactly is snuff and can it be used as an aid to help you to stop smoking?

I wanted to include a section on snuff because I have been using it lately and I have to say I’m really enjoying it too, and it is cheap – REALLY cheap!

Despite having known about it for a long time it is not something I would have ever considered trying and it was quite by accident that I did in the end.

So what exactly is snuff?
Snuff is in fact finely ground and powdered tobacco leaf that has been through a mill to make into a fine enough powder that it can be inhaled up your nose.

It is often perfumed or “flavoured” with scents and by mixing different types of tobacco leaf together (or even by mixing different snuffs together), it is then sealed into air tight containers and sold.

Tobacco of course is the main ingredient in cigarettes, but in a cigarette it is has many added chemicals to make it burn at the correct rate, etc, and these chemicals along with the condensates that are produced when you burn the leaf are bad for your health, the carcinogens and tars being among the worst offenders.

With snuff (while I’m not saying it is good for you, although I’ll come onto this later) you don’t get any of these nasty additives or side effects, because the leaf is not burned it is simply inhaled.

The snuff is only lightly inhaled so it hits your mucous membrane (inside your nose) and the nicotine is absorbed into your bloodstream from there, in fact it is absorbed very quickly almost as fast as inhaling nicotine in smoke from a cigarette or cigar.

The hit you get from the nicotine is just as good as from a cigarette and it absolutely can be used instead of cigarettes or other nicotine systems so snuffing is a way to stop smoking.

Indeed this is the way that gentlemen used to take tobacco, it was far more popular than it is now back in the 18th & 19th Centuries, it was one of the ways that native Indian Americans used to take tobacco and is still practiced today in some circles.

After the smoking ban in the UK came into effect is had a slight revival but is still used by nowhere near the number of people who smoke or use electronic cigarettes.

Types of Snuff & Prices
There are many different producers of snuff, from people like Sharrows who make some of their snuffs from original 18th Century recipes, through to plain tobacco flavours, to menthol (called medicated snuffs), and even more modern flavours like Cola, Whiskey, Bubble Gum, and loads more.

In this respect they are a little like the flavours of e-liquid that you can buy, they aren’t just “tobacco” there’s something for everyone.

I prefer the old style snuffs like “high dry toast” or “Old Paris”, and the menthol ones too but it’s all down to personal taste and you can have great fun trying out different types and flavours.

One of the great things about snuffing is the price – a large tin will cost you between £4 and £6 and should easily last you for a month if not longer.

The reason it is so cheap is that the Government say it has a very low health risk and so they do not tax it like other tobaccos, indeed some medical studies have found it to have practically no health risk at all (I am not a doctor so don’t take that as fact, look for yourself).

Imagine that – 1 months snuff costing you £4 compared to over £9 now for ONE packet of cigarettes (and I was smoking 2 packs per day!) – £18 per day or £360 per month on cigarettes replaced by say £5 of snuff (less than 17p per day!).

I highly recommend trying snuff if you are looking to stop smoking, it really does work and is a great alternative to e-cigs too, you can even switch between the e-cig and your snuff if you like.

About Me

My name is Dave and I live in England in the UK. I’ve been a 40 a day smoker for over 20 years, and I’ve decided that I need to stop smoking. But wanting to stop is nothing new for me. In the past I’ve tried just about everything to quit including nicotine patches, gum, lozenges, an inhalator, Zyban, Champix, and even hypnosis – and up to now nothing has worked. I did even try will power once but that only lasted for about 3 minutes! I don’t know why I’ve found it so tough to give up cigarettes in the past.

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